The 1st International Conference on Gastronomy Tourism will take place In Pamplona (Baluarte Conference Hall) on 22-23 February 2018.

Navarra and Basque Country regions  have some of the most unique, sustainable and premium gastronomy tourism offerings in the world and this 1st Conference is the best time to visit our region, attend the conference and enjoy our food & wine, and debate ideas.

In recent years the cuisine has become indispensable to know the culture and way of life of a territory. Gastronomy represents an opportunity to boost and diversify tourism, promotes local economic development, involves various professional sectors (producers, chefs, markets …) and incorporates new uses to the primary sector.

This gastronomy’s role in the choice of destination and tourism consumption has resulted the growth of a cuisine based on quility indigenous products and in consolidating its own market for gastronomic tourism . Therefore born 1st International Conference on Gastronomy Tourism

This 1st International Conference on Gastronomy Tourism,  provide an opportunity for leading experts in gastronomy tourism to discuss the current situation, the future and challenges in Gastronomy Tourism worldwide.

The 1st International Conference on Gastronomy Tourism offers a unique opportunity to engage with industry leaders, share thoughts and stories with colleagues and vendors from around the world, and educate yourself and business team with essential guidelines on how to better launch, build, manage and grow your Food Tourism business.

This conference will offer the opportunity to showcase the variety of local gastronomy products.